Pain & Forgiving

Everybody experiences pain and usually that pain is exerted from those that you love the most. But see, pain can be a beautiful thing, as can the art of forgiving. Pain may not necessarily be so beautiful while you’re enduring it but when you’re at a point of self-reflection, later down the line, and you are standing in the present moment realizing how strong you are from all that you’ve been through, it truly is rewarding. To look back and not feel the feelings that were once crushing your heart and soul and to instead feel the love from within. That love from within would not have been capable of receiving if you didn’t forgive those that hurt you. When you choose not to forgive, you choose to live with that pain. When you choose to forgive, you choose to move on from that pain. It will no longer act as your shadow following you everywhere you go but rather the light that casts the shadow.

Finding my niche

I began this blog and site in hopes of it forcing me to dig deep in finding my niche for business. I am a person with many ideas and interests but I’ve come to find out that in order for me to commence my life as an entrepreneur and master this area of my life, I need to narrow down and find my niche. This blog will simply be a freestyle of ideas and exploration for me. There are no limits for the topics I will discuss here.

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